Tim Gow Healing

Reikitim gow reiki master
Zero Gravity (r) Energy Healing

Tim Gow is an Accelerated Light Energies Master/Teacher.

If you want some energy Healing ask him please. His method takes about 20 minutes and at this stage it’s free!

Tim says he’s happy to help any way he can. “My Pops was a diviner! Pops often used his energies farming cattle. In the 1st World War he was renowned for finding water and safe camps etc for the South Canterbury Mounted Rifles in Africa. One time in particular while in Egypt, he found water in a life/death situation for his regiment.

“Pops excitedly found I had the gift at age eight, and very memorably showed me his methods. He had me water divining and developed that in me over the years. This, in turn, helped me farm organically, by being more connected to animals, the earth and soil, and seeds. From there I travelled. One trip in 1979, overland from Bali to London, I visited spiritual energy places like the Himalaya’s Poon Hill, Nepal—budda’s birthplace. Then on to incredible Petra, Jerusalem and Muhammad’s ascent to heaven Dome of the Rock, a kibbutz, Bahá’í Faith at Haifa and Jesus’ birth place in Bethlehem, etc. Later I stayed in energised Sedona twice and experiencing the Vortex energies flow through me especially at Bell Rock.

“I was lucky to find a wonderfully intuitive healer in Invercargill who saw this in me. During COVID-19 lockdown she invited me to excellent free online: meditation, breathwork, purges, and fasting. A bloke coach on line taught me grounding methods. I then found NZ-based international reiki courses that suited me and found that they are online from NZ. I was first drawn to the wonderful, earthy, easy Kundalini reiki, as I had a Kundalini awakening experience on December 12th 2019 that I needed to understand and grow from. I’ve since been working through up from Kundalini master through to my most recent attunement: Kundalini Reiki Millennium Master Teacher.

“I’ve also worked through warm healing Celestine reiki to advanced Master level & amplifying symbols. So now moving up another energy level and beginning Shamanic healer training. This training was a gift from my daughter Jasmine!! Energies Healing is incredibly satisfying. I love giving energy sessions and have had some great results including with distant healing around the world.

“So if you want some energy Healing ask me please to explain my method [Zero Gravity ® Energy Healing] that takes about 20 minutes and at this stage it’s free! Happy to help any way I can!”

2576 Clifden-Blackmount Road, Blackmount, Southland, NZ