Open Mic Night

The Stars and You

Traditionally, on the first night of the concert after the campers are all settled and everyone’s eaten, we open up the main stage to amateur performers. This is your chance to perform a number or three in front of a supportive audience. We also offer mini performances of our main concert night artists to give you a taste of the 3rd January.

Last year we had a mixed bag, with some performers who are good enough to be professional, and others who were singing or playing just for the joy of it, or as a dare. In addition, some of our feature artists gave impromptu mini-performances. You can read all about last year’s Open Mic Night here.

We welcome you to perform, if you want to, and suggest you get in touch with organiser Tim Gow ahead of time to ensure you’ll have everything you need available and to put you onto the timetable.  Or, if you’re really nervous, just come prepared and Tim may open the floor to anyone interested, if there is time.

In 2022 we are slowly collating our amateur artists. We will list their biographies here as they come in.

Remember gate tickets are limited and close to new entries at 5:45 pm, so please buy your tickets online.

The Artists:

Jane M

'My guitar and I… we are good old friends. We sing to each other at home, just to entertain ourselves. We two can amuse each other for hours. I hope you will find the pair of us at least as entertaining as we do ourselves. Relatively recently I have ventured into a new friendship - with a violin. “New friends are silver” they say “…but the old are gold”. I am not so sure this new friendship is even up to a copper standard at this point. It is for that reason you probably won’t hear the violin and I, just yet. I like doing a variety of folk music, wait and see what pops out on the day!'



Alex Bidwell

Alex is a cellist and bassist, currently studying at Hagley School of Music

'If you'd asked me a year ago, I never would have thought that I'd be here, playing music every day. I had no idea about my future, and I was just trying to get through the year. Little did I know that it was only going to be uphill from there.

I have had an interest in music from a very young age - maybe before I was even born. Both my parents are working musicians, so I grew up with weekends being Led Zepplin blasting through dad’s old stereo. Some of my earliest memories are of wolfing down hot chips soaked in Watties at jam sessions or napping under tables at rehearsals ranging from opera to metal. At the time it seemed boring, but in hindsight it’s probably what started my passion for playing. My parents took me to a music academy open day when I was around 6 and I picked out the cello and said that I wanted to learn it. Although I joke around that it's a pain to carry the cello everywhere and I wished they made me play the violin or flute, I’ve never looked back.'

Tom Bidwell

Tom is 14, and plays fiddle, piano and sings. He has grown up playing music and attending folk festivals with the rest of his family,  and has a wide range of musical tastes, from trad celtic right through to Eminem.
Tom will be joining his sister Alex onstage. What a dynamic duo.


Sarah Morrison

“Mostly I just listened to music until I was in my 30's when I started some musical theatre. My first and only instruments is the ukulele that I've been playing for 4 years. I love folk, jazz country and pretty much anything to listen to. I love to sing and I'm just writing my first song ever at the moment “😃”

Sarah has written her first song which she may perform at Revitalize.

Kerstin and Carla Ladstaetter

Kerstin and Carla performed at Revitalize last year and wowed the audience with their talent. Carla has recently scored the starring role in the musical "Matilda" at the Isaac Theatre Royal next April.