Open Mic Night

The Stars and You
with MC Craig Smith

Traditionally, on the first night of the concert after the campers are all settled, we open up the main stage to amateur performers. This is not a karaoke session, but your chance to perform a number or three in front of a supportive audience.

We welcome you to perform, if you want to, and suggest you get in touch with organiser Tim Gow ahead of time to ensure you’ll have everything you need available and to put you onto the timetable.  Or, if you’re really nervous, just come prepared and MC Craig Smith may open the floor to anyone interested, if there is time.

There's no pressure if on the night you decide not to perform. Our headline acts will put on mini-performances if there's a gap in the proceedings.

Last year we had a mixed bag, with some performers who are good enough to be professional, and others who were singing or playing just for the joy of it, or as a dare. In addition, some of our feature artists gave impromptu mini-performances. You can read all about one of our previous Open Mic Nights here.

Remember gate tickets are limited and close to new entries at 5:45 pm, so please buy your tickets online.


The following have confirmed they will be performing on Open Mic Night. If you want to perform, let us know ahead so we can showcase you here (optional). 

Annie Gong

Annie Gong

Annie Gong

A Roland Digital Accordion solo artist with realistic Cello & Violin sound. Annie Gong will be playing a couple of well loved show tunes and/or covers.




Mark Robbie

Mark Robbie


Mark Robbie

Mark has performed at Revitalize before. He is also often seen volunteering on the farm to prepare for the festival.






Fee is a Singer/guitarist. 

"Hi, I'm Fee. Music makes me free. I love to sing amongst like minded free spirited people. Although I’m a shy person music gives me the courage & confidence to really express who I am. 🥰🥰"




Meet Qin. He may be still in school, but Qin is a fabulously talented musician who was playing Stevie Wonder when we met him. Qin and his father Phil will be playing two spots.












Vicki-Leigh and Matt

We tried to get this duo back to Revitalize without much success due to their heavy schedule, but now we are absolutely delighted to announce they will be performing at Open Mic night.






Beekeepin Pete

Beekeepin' Pete

Jared Smith

Saelyn Guyton and John Pfeifer







Mini Performances from the Pros

We've had a lot of interest from our main artists wishing to also do a warm-up on Open Mic Night.

Such as:

  • Jared Smith.


  • Beekeepin' Pete.


  • an acoustic duo: Saelyn Hutton (vocals) and John Pfeifer (acoustic guitar) - who are also part of Rhythmonyx.

Plus a late addition

  • Anna van Riel

Every musician is super excited and very keen to perform at this mellow and unpretentious festival. Revitalize just keeps getting better and better. It's like a mass party of musicians down on the farm, and YOU are invited to join them. ... Yeehah!

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