Dunedin Sound Healing & Past Life Regression

Dunedin Sound Healing & Past Life Regression invites everyone at Revitalize to join her at Revitalize around 11am (TBC) on Tuesday 3rd for a Sound Healing relaxation event in The Hub.

What to expect: Sound Healing

Allow your concerns to melt away while dropping into a state of pure bliss and relaxation. This ceremony provides an opportunity to connect with their higher self. Participants may experience a trance-like state induced by a wide range of specialised instruments of healing vibrations. This session will feature quartz crystal singing bowls, sacred 7 metal Himalayan bowls, Tuning Forks, Native American flute, medicine drum, tingsha, sansula, shruti, gong, chimes, bells & more.


What to expect: Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a hypnotic non-invasive therapeutic modality which challs upon memories, images or experiences to heal trauma, regulate emotions, find acceptance, forgiveness and self-love. This journey can provide insight and helps to reframe current attitude patterns and limiting belief structures, ultimately altering stagnant habits of behaviour and liberating new ways of being.

About the facilitator

Brittany Sue is an Astral traveller and Dream weaver, specialising in trancework, between the realms to assist your soul's most harmonious journey. Brittany has a background in Yoga Nidra, Esoteric principles, Energy work and Native American Shamanic ritual and ceremony. RYT200+ Founder of Dunedin Sound Healing and Past Life Regression.


2576 Clifden-Blackmount Road, Blackmount, Southland, NZ