Butterfly Hill


If meditation in the morning is not your thing, then perhaps a walk to the top of Butterfly Hill is in order.

We will have an organised walk both mornings, where children can search for NZ Tussock Butterflies and adults can learn about our sustainable farming methods— or simply stretch the legs, breath in the fresh air, and take in the view from the top. Sturdy shoes are required.

Additionally, there will be displays of animals in nearby paddocks. Children can watch them sway to the music through the fence and if they’re lucky the animals may come up to the fence to watch the children too.

We will have a safe, fenced play area set up for the under 5s.  Though, we do ask that toddlers are supervised at all times.

With all that, tree swing, children’s yoga, Wonky Donkey sing-a-longs and stories, etc there will be plenty for children and teens to do.

2576 Clifden-Blackmount Road, Blackmount, Southland, NZ