Electric Vehicles: Cars, UTVs and Bikes



If you’re one of the people who think electric vehicles are no good for farmers, then you need to come and see how we operate here at Mangapiri Downs OrganicStud Farm®.

We will have our electric: cars, bikes and UTVs available for you to check out.

Electricity is plentiful on our remote farm. Fossil fuels are not. Therefore we find it more convenient to run electric vehicles than diesel ones. We also have plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).

We find EVs are a good fit for our organic ethos. Caring for the land—New Zea-land—is something that we, as landowners, have pride in, and an obligation to do.

We invite any attendees who own EVs to bring them for priority parking, so that others may view the range available. As well, we have invited an EV dealer to bring a vehicle and give advice.


The Electric Motor Vehicle Company, of Invercargill, specialises in all forms of electric transport and can sit down with you to answer your queries and fears and find the best solution for you.

Many people believe there is a range issue but this is not true. If this is an issue for you it just means you have the wrong electric vehicle. Rapid charging during your day should be seldom necessary. Your charging will be at home, at work, or wherever you are staying overnight.

The savings in running costs and maintenance over traditional vehicles can exceed 80%. There are very few moving parts that wear out and these vehicles could achieve a million KM or more in their operation. We can also answer many of the myths around the batteries.

For more information visit electricmv.co.nz or talk to us at Revitalize Festival.


Hear the stories of several EV owners, view their cars and ask questions.

“We have owned our Tesla for two years and absolutely love it. It’s a dream to drive. Plugging in at home and charging overnight is not only a huge saving, but is convenient. There is also a great charging infrastructure around NZ. We bought the Tesla to offer a personalised carbon-free day trip service to Milford Sound. We love doing our part for the environment”

“We looked at lots of EVs for years! Considered converting our then current car commercially in Dunedin (and would still prefer a kit to put into a ute) but settled on a 40kw 2017 Nissan Leaf to immediately empower my son after he took part in a school climate strike. It’s really easy to live with, saves me $5000 a year in running costs. I put the $40k it cost us on our existing home mortgage. I charge it during sunny days off home solar. It has the gear on board to become a home battery for EV to home but our power meter doesn’t allow this yet. It’s the most fancy car we’ve ever owned, we don’t need all its range or size and could happily trade it for a smaller vehicle. I’d miss the tow bar but we only use that for bikes and a tiny trailer occasionally.”