As promised some delicious information for you all about the epicness and magic that Tribal Moon Cacao is 😍
Cacao is known as an incredibly sacred plant, the spiritual energy of our cacao and the bean it comes from, are created, cultivated, loved and appreciated with an abundance of positive energy fuelled with gratitude, joy and celebration for cacao and all the healing and medicinal properties this superfood brings.
Tribal Moon Sacred Cacao Medicine is kept in it’s most purest forms from the moment it is planted, right until it is delivered to your door. No additives, no preservatives, no temperature modification.
Long before Tribal Moon Ceremonial Grade Cacao created, the intention was set to create the strongest, smoothest, most ridiculously tasty and affordable Ceremonial Grade Cacao available.
Full of antioxidants, energy-boosting, great for exercise recovery, mental health, fighting dis-ease, aphrodisiac, elevates mood, a great source of Iron, a healthy alternative to Coffee, unbelievably tasty and so much more.
As Tribal Moon Cacao is known for being stronger than other brands of Cacao, it is recommended to play it on the safer side as you begin to create with Tribal Moon Cacao.
Cacao has been used as a health elixir and ceremonial medicine dating back to 1900BC, documented as being used by the ancient ancestors of the Olmec people from Central America. Later it was believed to have been used as a ritualistic medicine by the Mayan and Aztec cultures.
The effect of Ceremonial Grade Cacao is known for generating somewhat of a gentle expansive feeling, assisting with deeper connection, unlocking spiritual channels, releasing negative emotions and opening the heart chakra.
People are often confused about what pure cacao actually is (as opposed to off the shelf style coco, cocoa, cacao or chocolate).
Almost all popular brands of chocolate and cocoa are missing many of the 1200 active components that we find in ceremonial grade cacao, and even the slightly purer blends of chocolate are still missing around 80% of these ingredients
Processing, preparation temperature, ingredients, and hybridisation all contribute to this.
Many of the vitamins and minerals found in Ceremonial Grade Cacao are produced naturally in the human body and perform essential functions, although these days external factors such as pursuing busy lifestyles and following a western diet can heavily diminish these ingredients in our natural state.
The intake of Ceremonial Grade Cacao is often considered to allow somewhat of a reset to connect with our natural state of being.
“It is with my deepest honour that I am able to share my love of Tribal Moon Cacao with you all and I hope to connect with you more about it as I will be holding the Cacao Ceremony at Revitalize on the 3rd of January to officially close the second annual Revitalize festival,” says Ilenie Shaw of Relax and Revive, Invercargill.
Bags of this deliciousness will be available to purchase and Ilenie Shaw is able to ship these around New Zealand 🌹✨♥️